Did You Draft A Good Team?

Version 3
    How many of you watched the NFL draft yesterday?

    If you missed it, you also missed out on a great Human Resources lesson; do you know what that was? You must strengthen the weakest links in your Human Resources Chain to make sure your entire Team wins. Each Team that drafted yesterday asked the same question, round after round; whom is available in the marketplace (on a team or not) to fill our gaps, which our Team needs to win the next Super Bowl. Each Team's need is different, but their goal is not; how do we build a better Team. They do that by not being satisfied with their current Human Resources in place now and in the future, they are always looking to change this and that to make the right HR formula for their success.

    The Human Resource department should never stop looking to "trade-up" on associate talent and reposition others for greater utilization within your business unit, and one successful way to achieve this is by having a full pipeline of candidates.

    One way on the HR front is to have candidates (current and non-current associates) in a hiring pipeline for those soon-to-be-open/heavy-turnover-rated positions, ready to move through the HR pipeline to fill the void left by "something" happening to one of your "starters (associates)."

    Remember, an HR pipeline is similar to a sales pipeline. An HR pipeline does not always mean that you have to retain someone on payroll, just in case. It can also refer to identifying someone who you can call upon to fill that HR vacancy within a short span of time and with as little disruption to the business unit as possible (in-house or not); a good database of resume's never hurt any business! As with all pipeline process approaches, you must continuously be filling the opening of the pipeline with excess amounts of potential candidates so that the end-result of this ever-moving, constricting pipeline is a successful transition between a new and old associate for those upcoming, voided positions.

    Now go win your Super Bowl!