Who are Your Customers?

Version 3
    Today's customers are not the same as one year ago. Customers today want the best value, the best service from start to finish, and a trust worthy individual they can count on as situations change. Pricing will always be at the forefront of the customers mind and yet if all you do is sell on price you will not succeed. Today more than ever sales should be based on building a long term relationship with your customers, and educating them on what your service can and will do for them based on there need. If however, your service can not fit their budget then it is best to leave them with alternatives or even suggestion on where they can search to be better served. We can not win every bid, but by being a resource to help them find what they need you help to move your sales from now to possibly later because you took the next step to elevating what you can do for a potential new customer.
    There is a new phrase today "back to basics" and this means in business when someone asks for your help and you can not provide it is best to help them achieve their goal. Use your business partnerships as a building block for your customers and they surely will come back to you because you were so helpful in them achieving their goal. You as a business become a vital source of information, a trustworthy component for business, and a company that serves the public interest versus "what's in it" for me attitude.
    Start today and the next time a call comes in and they want your service offer them options, train them on what you can do, offer to refer to other business partners you know and work with, and if you just can not do the service offer resources such as the web, local chamber, or professional organizations that the person can utilize to solve their situation. Together we can bring about a change from "what's in it for me" to "what's in it for us".