Why Do Business in China?

Version 2


    China holds over 2 trillion USD in cash reserves, therefore China does not have print money for their stimulus package.
    China could easily double their $590 billion stimulus package to revive its economy given the government's strong fiscal position.
    The first quarter of 2009 the Dow Jones CBN China 600 index was up 39%.
    The three largest banks in the world by market capitalization are now all located in China.
    China's largest four banks plan to hire a total of 37,500 college graduates in 2009.
    China's banks made in excess of $500 billion USD in loans in the first quarter of 2009 contrasted with major credit contraction in the West.
    China previously required 30% down payment on homes and condos but with the new stimulus package they reduced down payments to 20%, therefore no toxic mortgages.
    Real estate investment in China has grown20-30% a year in 2007 and 2008.
    Exports are only 20% of the economy; therefore the other 80% of the economy is doing well.
    Even though exports are down, imports have dropped over twice as fast; therefore China's reserves are estimated to grow by $100 billion USD in 2009.
    From 2002 to 2005 China increased the number of universities from 2,000 to 4,000.
    China has chosen 10 universities for extra funding to bring them world-class status such as Harvard, Stanford, Oxford and M.I.T.
    Harvard Business Review March, 2009 stated that "By churning out well educated scientists, China will become the next hub of brute force innovation."
    In 2008 Lamborghini achieved record sales due to increase buying from China and The Middle East despite the worldwide recession. Lamborghinis sell for around $200,000 each.