Special Needs Children

Version 2

    At this present moment, Blessings in Disguise Daycare has not yet been established. I have the tax ID number and the name registered with the state. I'm in the process of searching for funds to acquire a building and also create a business plan. I've been searching on the internet for free grants. (No Luck) I've been serving in the Military for the past 21 years with an Autistic (Non-Verbal) 19 yr old Son. It has been extremely hard finding before/after school and weekend care for him within the Military Communities as a SINGLE parent.. I would like to alleviate the stress and pressure from other parents who are having difficulties finding adequate and genuine care for their children. I truly believe that this is my sole purpose in life to care for special needs children. I am so motivated and joyful to help other parents. It would be greatly appreciated for any guidance or suggestions as to how to approach my situation. Thank you, Blessings_N