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    Antiques: "BUY LOCALLY & GO GREEN" Bette Schultz
    Car manufacturers talk about alternative energy, and our government talks about raising certain crops to produce alternative energy. Utility companies talk about changing our light bulbs to lower energy consumption bulbs, about buying appliances which use less energy, and about using less water. HGTV talks about green flooring products, green wallpapers and green paints, and about making your own compost. Each of those topics touches a cord within the hearts and minds of many US residents.

    Many of us are concerned about conspicuous consumption, the planned obsolescence of material goods, and the future of our world. We are concerned about overflowing landfills, global warming and decreasing oceans to land mass. But what exactly does going green mean?

    My mom used to say that we should do no harm, that we should leave a place better than we found it. To me it meant don't be a litter bug, pick up your trash and carry out the trash of others ... all good interpretations. But her greater message was that we should be doing more for those who follow us. As an adult, I find great pleasure in the repurposing and reusing things that others are finished with.

    In part, this is what I find so satisfying about owning Lizabel's Treasurers, a central Phoenix antique and furniture store. Our customers are choosing to; (1) "buy LOCALLY and AMERICAN", rather than supporting the economy of another state or country, (2) select furniture made from wood, metal or glass which has already stood the test of time and will not need to be disposed of in a couple of years, and (3) provide a new home for someone else's treasures.

    A couple of our customers are artists and choose items from our store to create their work, while others are working on their gardens and purposely look for previously loved concrete sculptures or for fencing, arches, and trellises for their yards. Some are searching for that perfect piece which they can then modify to fit their décor such as a license plate to complete a ceiling, a chandelier that will look just perfect, stamped metal for a backsplash, a fireplace insert for the back yard, or a hutch to house a flat screen television. But whether an individual is searching for a stunning pair of wingback chairs, the perfect server from the 1930's, a beautifully refinished dresser, a project to be painted for a child's room, gorgeous vintage jewelry or an amazing one-of-a-kind desk, they are all going to do something important to our future. They are going to "Go Green". And that will be good for everyone who follows us.


    Bette and John Schultz are the owners of Lizabel's Treasurers located in Central Phoenix at +3060 N. 16^th ^Street++. Phone is 602-277-5251. Hours are Mon-Sat from+ +10:00-5:00 pm++.+