Interviewing Myself

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    Hello everyone!

    Hillel Porath is the founder and director of Hillel has been working in marketing for several years learning many valuable
    lessons along the way, the fruits of which appear on his website. Today is also a website marketing firm mainly focusing on social media marketing.

    How did you get started in your business?

    I originally planned to enter the field of informal education. I spent
    two years working in the Jewish community in Kansas and was hoping that
    with that experience I would be able to come back to Israel and get a
    job with some educational organization. Well, man plans and God laughs... I ended up
    working in a posy high School dorm in the Jerusalem area. After that year I decided
    its time to start my own business and that's when I set up a tutoring
    business. That whole process of starting a tutoring business was what
    actually inspired me to enter the field of entrepreneurship and from
    then on I decided to take on the internet. I was up day and night learning about the internet and marketing. Then one evening back in November 2006 a neighbor of mine mentioned that he had just launched a jewelry site and has no money for marketing. I thought this could be a good chance for me to get some hands on experience so I asked
    him if I could do the marketing. Well, a few sales came in but it
    was'nt enough. Then I just kept on learning and learning , took a few
    private tutors...and finally in 2008 launched my own company.
    What three pieces of advice would you offer entrepreneurs starting out today?


    1] Set goals and stick to them. Setting goals is critical, when
    you have goals then you know what needs to get done each and every day.
    When you accomplish your goals...guess what? Set more goals!



    2] You need to be in love with what you are doing. This love will help you get through the hard times.



    3] Connect with a business guru - this has been a very important
    aspect in my entrepreneurial career. Even if it's attending meetings
    where successful entrepreneurs are the guest speakers this is also part
    of the connecting process with a business guru. Don't be shy to ask for
    advice. Some of the leading 'gurus' online have been an incredible
    resource for me as well.


    What sources of information such as books, , cd's, etc.. Can you recommend for other starting entrepreneurs?



    I recommend reading and listening to material that will help you
    get into the right entrepreneurial mindset. You can read all of the
    books and what not on how to market a business - but if you don't have
    the entrepreneurial mindset, it will be very hard to move forward with
    your business.

    Here are books that I recommend starting with:


    "Rich Dad Poor Dad" series by Robert Kiwaski



    The Randy Gage material on personal development.


    -"Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill is excellent.


    "How to Win Friends and Influence People" - Dale Carnegie


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    Thanks Hillel!