You and I are doing something profoundly important

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    was once walking in the streets of Nairobi, my eyes were fixed at the man roasting corn across the street.I have no idea who this man was , he only has a chance to sell his corn if the city council police are not around to chase him off. He may have a family that depends on him, not taking into account that he also has to eat rather than steal. But no one tells him he is a hero. He is an entrepreneur, he runs his business like any other fortune 500, the only difference all his policies are procedures are not documented but memorized. He knows where to place his business and what price to sell his corn at. He contributes to the the economy. So what does the shoe maker in the street, the corn roaster, all have in common? The desire to change their wealth status. What such people want is not a hand out but an opportunity to be able to grow in the business they are in.

    It is because of the people above who gave my wife and I the motivation to want to start a company that would promote the interests of those who are in the micro-enterprises too small to be seen y the rest of the world. Kijiji Republic (Kijiji -meaning village ), was the company formed to help other small entrepreneurs put food on the table, pay for their medical bills and educate their children. Kijiji Republic provides a platform where these entrepreneurs will be able to generate income by selling their hand made products to the rest of their world. Through the skills of these artisans, will be products that are unique, and also green to the environment. They turn, would be waste into products that would makes heads turns, form earnings to table mats, pencil holders to paperclip holders, chess boards and ladies baskets. The one and only path out of poverty is entrepreneurship and business success.

    What you and I do may be daring crazy, irrational and largely misunderstood. Your brother in law may think you have gotten your head stuffed in a cloud. The government may think that it has the right to take your profits and put them in a social program.

    We create a world that has enough to eat, a world where even welfare children in a housing project are able to get three meals a day. We create avenues where people with the ability are able to be given an opportunity in life to be able to express their gifts without fear or shame.

    Our Company endeavors to turn a village into a republic by giving hope, changing lives and building futures.

    Only entrepreneurs like you and I can help do this.