Why Does The Bunny Get Associated With Easter?

Version 3
    Easy, the Bunny's have top of mind awarness and brand recognition!

    Billions and billions of dollars a year from every industry and various product lines are spent to perform these above functions. Do you? No, not spend billions of dollars, but do you incorporate top of mind awareness and brand recognition within every one of your sales and marketing calls? Building top of mind awareness and brand recognition can be costly, but it can also be as simple as putting your logo and contact information on everything that a client receives when doing business with you. Go find your happy medium, but find it you must. If not, almost half of your effective message is lost the same day you deliver it to a client, and the rest of your selling message goes shortly after that. I want you to conduct a poll for your business unit's product line. Call your clients, vendors, associates, and some individuals off the street and ask them what's the first thing they think about when you say "X" (something associated with your product line). Then ask them what your company does. Be prepared to be shocked, because you cannot expect to build new and repeat customer orders without having any top of mind awareness and brand recognition. Look at your sales message; is it clear, concise, and repetitive? If not, refocus the sales approach on the two key factors that can keep and attract new customers: top of mind awareness and brand recognition. Another approach to remember about building your top-line sales growth is co-branding. How many product lines are out there in the marketplace that would be non-intrusive, complementary, or have a positive impact on the buying decision of a customer regarding your product line? A lot! All of those product lines mentioned above have a database of customers, and so do you. Why not work up an agreement between your business unit and theirs and cross promote, advertise, solicit, market, and bring visibility to each other's product lines for share-shifting opportunities from each other's competitive set? Co-branding can also lower costs, offer more product line access to your clients, and prospect to a more qualified database in less time. In the hotel business, everything from the preferred credit card to long-distance service provider is co-branded. What are you waiting for with your product line? Someone to call you? Co-brand your product line today with top-of-mind awareness that has brand recognition so you can yield greater sales growth for your tomorrows to come.