Version 2
    I had some issues when it came to my weight and health challenges (i.e.. heartburn) and found this product that made a big difference in my life. So of course I decided to share it with my friends and family. Since things went just as well with them I decided to see if I could make a business of it and low and behold here I am. Starting up was very over whelming when it came to building my own web site and getting all the paperwork in order but I managed. You can visit my web site at www.588firm.com and read all the information. I sure hope you like the site. It is not easy when it comes to running the whole show but I sure enjoy the challenge as well as working from home and being able to be there for my family. I am a mom and pop type operation : the whole family is involved in the process when it comes to taking the order as well as shipping. I feel my children who are still in high school are getting a great start to there future by seeing my be self employed with all the experience and knowlege I am able to provide them as well as seeing if you set your mind to something anything is possible. No school will teach them all of what I have done. Not a day goes by that I have not learned something and that feels great. Thank you for your time. Teresa