Use A Church Payroll Software To Save Time and Money

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    Generally, churches and other religious organizations are required to withhold and report different types of payroll taxes. This includes (but not limited to) Income, Social Security and Medicare taxes. Using a church payroll software can make the process of doing clergy payroll easy, stress free and prevents common mistakes and z-Bottom of Form;z-Top of Form;HTML Markup;Comment;penalties.


    Payroll Mate payroll software, from Real Business Solutions, offers all the features and functionality needed to do payroll for a ministry in a fraction of the time needed to do the same task by hand and in a fraction of the cost needed to use a payroll service.


    Due to the flexibility that Payroll Mate offers, by letting you decide which payroll items apply to each one of the employees, it becomes an easy job for you to add clergy employees, ministers of a church or members of religious order; add them all as employees in Payroll Mate and specify the incomes, taxes and deductions that apply to each one them according to their tax calculation needs. And as you might offer certain unique allowances to some of the members on your payroll, this payroll software makes it easy enough for you to do so by allowing you to define your own income type, set its calculation method, and select the taxes and deductions that apply to it.


    Some of the powerful features of Payroll Mate Include:


    1. Highly customizable income, tax, and deduction categories.
    2. Automatically calculates Federal Income, Social Security, Medicare and State Taxes.
    3. Ability to setup a clergy member to be exempt from Social Security and/or Medicare Tax.
    4. Ability to define different types of allowances including the housing allowance.
    5. Prints payroll checks and pay stubs for the church employees.
    6. Ability to withhold federal and state income tax for the minister.
    7. Supports Hourly and Salaried Employees.
    8. Supports minister's different types of compensation including health insurance and retirement benefits.
    9. Prepares and prints# payroll# forms 941, 940, 944, W2 and W3.
    10. Generates ACH direct deposit files.
    11. Creates detailed payroll reports including payroll journal summary, payroll journal detail and tax liability reports.
    12. Ability to print MICR Checks.

    Payroll Mate is a very easy to use and affordable payroll system that fits the needs of any size church or ministry. Payroll Mate makes doing clergy payroll easy, smooth, predictable, and of course affordable. A thirty-day free evaluation for Payroll Mate can be installed from the Payroll Software Download page located on the product's website.