Laughter REALLY IS the best Medicine! And Business

Version 4

    and raised in Chicago, IL Sonya began her journey to comedy in mid
    April 1993. One day while driving her Post Office truck, Sonya received
    a phone call from her best friend, stating that there was a comedy
    competition going on at the Cotton Club, located downtown Chicago.

    friend told her she should get in it and Sonya replied, "Are you
    crazy"! For what? Her friend then dared her to get on stage and she'd
    give her $50.00. Now this is the cheapest person in the world. 'If I
    was kidnapped and the kidnappers only wanted a .50 cents ransom, my
    best friend WOULD NOT pay it". That's how cheap she is!

    This is how she knew it was a sign from God!

    signed the list and was # 117th to go on stage. Sonya's turn came and
    she got on stage, performed for 6 minutes and received a standing
    ovation. Sonya began to go to open mic. to work on her "craft". One
    Wednesday while performing at open mic @ All Jokes Aside, not knowing
    who was in the crowd, Sonya was being witness by *Russell Simmons

    After only doing 4 minutes of her set, Russell stood
    up and told her to put the mic down. She said 'What I do'? He said nothing. I just
    don't want to hear nothing else you have to say... until you do +*Def Comedy

    Less than one year and 6 months in the comedy game, Sonya was
    flown to New York to appear on her 1st season of The Russell Simmons
    Def Comedy Jam. Now holding 3 successful seasons of Def Comedy Jam under her belt and working on the 4th in Sept of 2008.

    Moreover, it has been up-hill from there. "A few rocky
    moments, but all were to make me stronger".


    In the summer of 2003 I was performing at a Theater in Miami Florida. There were about 700 people that attended. One lady in particular caught my attention as the guest were coming in. Her 'focus' was a little off for someone who was about to laugh her guts out. She seemed like she didn't want to be there. She actually sat in the 2nd row of the theater. I could see her when I was on stage.

    After the show was over...we (the comedians) were in the lobby signing autographs and taking pictures. The young lady came up to me and ask if she could 'hug' me. I said of course. Then she said something that would change my life forever as an Entertainer.

    She said she wanted to thank me for making her laugh. I said "That's my bring laughter to the people'. She said..'No you don't understand. I was listening to ALL your jokes about men and relationships and though they were funny as hell..they were ALL so true. You see, I didn't want to come here tonight, but my girlfriend dragged me out the house to get my mind off my boyfriend. We just broke up TODAY after a 13yr relationship.

    I said.."Girlfriend, you'll be ok. She said..I sure will. You made me realize so much and I want to thank you! See, I was thinking of KILLING myself when I got home..

    As she's telling me her story..My heart is beating a mile a minute. But I was very calm in the face. She went on and on and I listened. She started crying and just ask to hug me again. I hugged her so hard and said to her.. No, Thank YOU!

    At that very moment I knew what my GOD given talent was really for. Sometimes people are going through the toughest times in their lives. But a little 'laughter' can bring about a HUGE change.

    I vowed to attempt to bring comedy events ANYWHERE I could.

    In 2004 I was performing at the Great Lakes Military base. After the show, one of the guests came up to me and said..'This was the best comedy event I have ever been to in my life. I said 'I'm sure you've been to many comedy shows before.' He said..No, we don't get this type of entertainment in this area very often. We have to go all the way to Chicago.

    I went home that night, did some searching on the web. Researched the Lake County Area and saw that there were no Comedy Clubs in that immediate area. EVER!

    In late 2004 I was doing a show at the Anchor Night Club in North Chicago. About 300 people on a Thursday night. I'm looking around watching how these people are having so much fun. I got on stage and made this announcement.

    "I really do appreciate you guys for supporting ALL the events I bring to the area. So, In 2005 I'm going to take $45,000.00 of my savings and open a FULL blown Comedy Club.'

    The audience went NUTS!!!

    And that's exactly what I did. I've been promoting events for 8years so I knew actually what it would take to get the club off the ground. In March of 2005 I found a great location in downtown Waukegan. Obtained a Liquor License. Set my advertising strategy and Aug. 2005 was my Grand Opening. SOLD OUT!

    As of April 11th 2009, I will have been making people laugh for 16yrs.