Use TEXT Message to Keep in Contact with Customers

Version 3
    It might be taboo in the "Business Suits" world, but TEXTING on the JOB is FAB!
    Keeping up with mobile technology, can help your bottom line.
    First I noticed my partner and I texting customer leads to each other to enhance our sales and follow up.
    So she added "Text: # " on her business card similar to where fax used to be, under the store #.
    Well I added "TEXT your Email & Name" onto my websites and my marketing list grew like spring blossoms.
    My Core customers know this is my preferred communication, and they use it!
    Even my Commercial Realtor had to subscribe to sms messaging on her cell to catch me.
    I simply wouldn't answer her, or return her voice-mails.
    My Mom, well she just doesn't miss me enough to add TEXT to her plan!
    If you have a cell plan with free long distance and unlimited minutes and messaging, having a business cell might pay for itself with the increased flexibility.
    My customers know they can text me 24hours/7days/365/year, and so they do!
    Just try to buy a phone that can store 500 messages in the inbox without a memory warning.
    My current model is due to be upgraded, as it allows 100 and they can't be stored to the memory card.
    You could add the data to your pc and delete the messages, but I like to keep at least one from each of them.
    I can easily track when the last time they contacted me this way, or relevant info.
    I also remind new prospects who are listening to my recording, to text me their email address.
    You will notice how many of your customers are using their phones exclusively for internet browsing.
    I'm also planning to work on a .mobi site, that is especially formatted for ease in mobile access.
    From confirming an appointment, to getting directions, eta, or any FAQ, It's a wonderful tool.
    It's important to know the limitations: sometimes delays, typos, cut off words. I silence my inbox alert.
    I also set my keypad to silent so I can text while in meetings, or at the library.
    Notice that a picture message may allow 1,000 characters and a standard text less than 200.
    I use txt to point them to to my website if they haven't already seen, or worse looked it up so fast they forgot my domain.
    I have several "quick" pre-recorded messages like promotions or thanks, etc... that I customize. Also you can send to a group of contacts.
    So for all you corporate moguls: if you don't have a TEXT campaign, you are so last decade :)
    I'm not saying small companies should abandon line lines totally, you may need it for your merchant terminal, for sound clarity, or enhanced voice-mail options.
    I use my own website's paypal to process debits and credits. My company is small (under 10 employees).
    Text is so powerful, because you can be on the other line, and reply to
    your family, without interrupting your client. My BF does this when he is on an international call.
    It's nice to hear from prior business associates on holidays this way. TEXT ME @ :)...:) !