Version 3
    So we are in a New Economy once again! Just like it was in the 1980's. In those early years I was in Real Estate and spending about 17,000 dollars a month just to carry the business. Interest rates were 18+% and wow! those creative overriding (get a fifth and drink it deals!) My seminars on creative finance put me in a new 380 SEL Mercedes Benz and the golden sunset evening drives in the foothills were never sweeter.
    One escrow after another and yes, once one closed you would just start all over again.

    Right around 1983 I was invited to Oakland Califonia to see Jim Rhone (a now famous inspirational business leader) the man who invited me knew that if I put the same time effort and talent into Network Marketing and building the same kind of dream team and really support others that over time I would be rewarded with ongoing income or residual income and I totally got it. Do absolutely what you love! The only way many of us are keeping our sanity is on the residual incomes we built in network marketing over many years.
    I now teach what I have learned about the industry from the good, often spectacular and the bad. I really
    have seen many, including the watch outs! People often get choosen or recruited and don't know what they are looking for. My company, Network Marketing From The Heart consults with people before they get involved and helps avoid many of the heartbreaks and pitfalls and teaches that the joy's of the industry are best found in fundemental simple ways by serving others. I believe that the money follows the mission, pick your mission with care and you will be blowing bubbles instead of being caught in one.