Name three things you hate to do....

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    Everyone has a list of things they hate to do. Things that anyone can do, but oh, how you hate to do them. Things like mowing the lawn or trimming the hedges, washing the car, painting a fence, making airline, hotel and car reservations, etc., etc. Lucky for us all that there are gardeners, car washes, handymen and travel agents around who, for a small fee, are willing to do these things for us.

    But what would you say if your gardener came up to you at the end of the month and said, "Thanks for your business, here's $300 in cash for the privilege of cutting your grass." Or if the car wash gave you a cash rebate equal to five times the cost of the car wash. Nonsense, you say, yet this is exactly what our new corporate travel assistance company is offering to our clients., Inc. is quietly changing the paradigm of business travel service support. We are (conservatively) saving our clients between three and ten times the cost of our fee with every business trip we book for them. The result is that you not only get the usual benefits of using a "travel agent" but the savings from reduced travel expenses fall directly to your bottom line without any negative effect on the quality of your travel routine.

    We have spent years amassing and updating data on the lowest available internet fares and are now offering these special rates to our clients. Since they are considered "not commissionable" rates, they are never offered by regular travel agents but the savings are impressive.

    If you (or any of your clients) travel on business, it would be well worth your time to check us out at to see how much savings (20% to 40% is not unusual) you can achieve over your present travel costs.