Dejoie Means The Joy, Joy to be at a crossroad in my life?

Version 2
    The crossroad I'm talking about is a business proposition that's been given me two weeks ago. I have been given an opportunity of a life time. An investor called and ask if I would be interested in taking over a coffee francise called the Daily Grind. I have no funds not even for a downpayment. The location is idea and nearly one year old. There is a hotel, Kaiser Clinic, 44,000 sp ft office building, and a line of restaurants. I desired owning a small coffee cafe. I am a visionary, a dreamer, alway hoping always thriving to acheive my goals. Seventeen years ago I booked myself a space at a festival down at the Oceanside Pier (I had just completed classes at a local college on small business management, accounting and other business classes). I and a friend went in half. We borrowed a canopy, chafers and rented all other equipment. I prepared all the food for purchasing and she sponsored snow cones and ice cream floats. I specialized and served creole, cajun and southern foods. I made a profit of 200%. By the end of the day I had run out of all the food. Thank God it was the end of the day. I went home and prepared more food and was up and at it again for the second day. I loved it. It was very rewarding and an awesome learning experience. From then on I began catering events. My advertisement was by word of mouth. I had successful gigs and some not so successful. They were very few. Two to be exact. When I need a reality check I think about those two event. I went back during this time also and finished out my restaurant management certificate and took nutrition in school. The experience I have is enormous. So I am calling on the one person who can help me acheive this one in a lifetime opportunity and asking will you help me? Thank You