Why are cases in Destin, Florida, handled in Shalimar?

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    One of the unique aspects of practicing criminal law in a county like Okaloosa, is that there are two state courthouses.

    Crestview's courthouse handles all criminal cases north of the Shoal River bridge. Technically, it is the County Seat and the main courthouse. In reality, most cases are from the south part of Okaloosa County.

    In between the two courthouses, sits Eglin Airforce Base (EAFB). This large, government military installation, divides Okaloosa County into two separate halfs. Therefore, north county cases are handled in Crestview, and south county cases are handled in Shalimar.

    For example, if someone is arrested in Destin, their DUI, Domestic Violence - whatever type of case it may be - will be handled in the Shalimar Annex Courthouse rather than in the County Seat in Crestview.

    Unfortunately, this can lead to great confusion: Part of the case may be held in Crestview - or vice-versa. Many people have been arrested by bench warrants for failing to appear for court simply because they went to the wrong courthouse!

    If you or someone you love has the misfortune to be arrested, this is one of those times in life when it is not better to 'do it yourself' - expert assistance can make a big difference. In criminal case litigation, there is no such thing as a little detail.