From Calling Card Reseller to Successful Business Owner.

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    From Calling Card Reseller to Successful Business Owner, Entrepreneur Launches Calling Card Business

    Sujit Mehra first entered the calling card industry as a reseller for an established calling card company. He began selling calling cards that provided low-cost calling services to India. Having family in the US and overseas, Sujit understood the popularity of calling cards. He soon realized that if he went into business for himself, he could expand his services and increase his profit potential. He knew what kind of calling card options that he would like to offer; he just needed to find the right calling card solution provider. Sujit did not want to compromise quality for costs, but knew he needed to keep a tight budget and stay competitive.

    Sujit looked at hosted solutions, but realized he would be too dependent on the host while choosing carriers. He would have to deal with security risks when sharing information with his hosting company and he didn't see much chance of growth after purchasing the initial system.

    That's how he decided to work with IPsmarx Technology. After doing some research, he found that IPsmarx could customize a software solution just for him. Sujit could control and manage his own carriers, and he learned that owning his solution guaranteed privacy and security. He decided to start by making a low initial investment and expand his services once his company started to grow.


    Since Sujit knew only the reseller business, he had little technical experience to choose the type of platform he needed. "Software? Hardware?" said Sujit, "not a problem. I just told my Account Manager what I wanted to do and IPsmarx provided all the technical assistance I needed."


    IPsmarx gave Sujit the foundation for starting his new business. He did not have to get bogged down in the technical jargon and he could focus on growing his clientele instead. With IPsmarx's SIP Based Calling Card Platform, he offered the highest calling quality and the most convenient calling features like Speed Dial, PIN-less dialing, Auto Re-charge and IVR Recharge for phones. He could even manage his own resellers and agents. Sujit found he could do all this while keeping his rates low for his customers.


    IPsmarx also helped Sujit set up the back end of his website and integrated an entire e-store for him. All of his customers' transactions are safely transmitted with SSL technology and his customers can view their billing information online.


    Sujit now provides telecommunications services in three different countries. "I was surprised by the ease of transitioning from a reseller to owning my own business. With IPsmarx, my business continues to grow. I hope to offer even more services in more countries around the world soon," Sujit concluded.


    To find out how you can start your own VoIP business for your community or go worldwide, visit IPsmarx at one of their offices in Manhattan, Washington, DC, or Toronto, Canada. Or contact IPsmarx at: 703-871-5274