Leaving Dollars On Uncle Sam's Table

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    Starting a home based business ... or starting a business from home ... has been the historical swaddling cloths of success since America was new. Whether it's an MLM, a franchise, or an idea of your own, the opportunity to break the mold drives would be entrepreneurs to go to work after work from sea to shining sea. The home based business is often looked upon by many as insignificant. Yet, many of the big businesses of our day began years back as a home based business (Microsoft) - or worse, a garage based business (Apple)! What huge enterprises of tomorrow are, today, just a website and some boxes under a bed that have to be pulled out and put back each "business" day?

    There is a wide array of tools to help those who aspire to be business owners. Within the faith based community, 30fold is just such a tool. 30fold seeks to foster business leadership and entrepreneurship within the Christian community by providing income generating resources for ministries, organizations, and independant Christian bookstores, as well as authors, artists, and artisans. Nurturing these faith based enterprises, we have found that 98% of the struggles they face are common to all businesses.

    One of the biggest initial struggles is simply making that first dollar of profit. But the home operated business has an advantage that is all too often neglected - mostly due to a lack of education. If operated properly, a home based business can add hundreds, or even thousands of dollars back into the household long before the business matures to a profitable level.

    Taxes, and tax deductions for the home based business are not only a mystery to budding entrepreneurs, but my experience is that tax professionals are often equally in the dark when it comes to the home based business. They will usually know a few added deductions, but they all end with the words "red flag". The result is that thousands of dollars are unnecessarily contributed to the IRS each year - dollars that could have helped grow that business and feed the family.

    So in the interest of our own family of entrepreneurs 30fold is hosting a special webinar, and we invite readers if this forum to join us March 17th, 2009 at 9 PM eastern time. You can pre-register at http://www.30fold.net/lowermytaxes. Please use "SBOC" when asked how you learned of the webinar. This will be a great educational opportunity for anyone who operates a business from home, or is considering doing so.