This site is to help anyone list and advertise your property

Version 3
    We have started work on this web site to help people market realty. The current turn of events has created a need for people to have a low cost way of showing their realty. There is also a need for this because banks are finding it harder to make a loan, many homes are worth a lot less that what the loan is for so more people are interested in realty alternatives, such as trading properties, letting people take over payments or just to let people know about your realty.

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    We provide resources for home sellers available on the web. When you List a home for sale, it is featured on the "New Listing Menu" for a limited time, at no additional cost. Your listing will include 10 photos and detailed description area which can be viewed by the thousands of potential home buyers who visit our website. We provide For Sale By Owner (FSBO) services for real estate, condos, townhouses, land, farm houses and homes. We have a ( Listing | For Sale ), area for adding a company, service or property. Blog on the Forum section Videos you can stream from a video service like YouTube and also a Photo ads section.