Driving is all about Saving your life and saving others

Version 3

    Driving is all about
    _*saving your life and
    saving other's lives*_

    We are all about saving your life and saving other's lives. Drive safely,
    drive defensive and learn to drive quickly and easily by using our 9-vision


    Seven years ago, when the World Trade Center was attacked, like many others I
    was a victim. However, unlike many survivors, I was the Sr. System Administrator
    of Information Technology, State of the Art Security System, and Life Safety and
    Security consultant. As a result of my position, I suffered from survival guilt.
    I wanted to do something creative, as per advice I received. So, I thought to
    myself, "I have to do something for society, which will give me pleasure and
    bring me out of this guilt."


    After two years I decided to teach something. Then I started researching what
    the major cause of death is in the United States. I found through this research
    that the major cause of death in the U.S. was due to driving fatalities. This is
    when I decided to teach people to drive, in a very effective, safe and defensive
    way. So students can save their lives and save the lives of others as well. I
    started to teach using a more visual technique, showing students easy to
    remember visual pointers.


    Later I found out that most people find parallel parking to be difficult and
    this is exactly what I mastered teaching. During my time as a driving
    instructor, I have taught many students. After learning to drive, they all agree
    that parallel parking is easy.


    Exactly 5 years after 9/11 on the date of 9/11/2005 I got the license to open
    up my own driving school.


    The name I gave my driving school is VISION DRIVING SCHOOL. I felt that this
    was the most appropriate because driving is all about the VISION. In addition, I
    found many of my students have a vision behind their desire to drive. For my
    students driving is a tool, it is a tool they use to try to attend college, or
    go to work, and I try to help them fulfill their vision.


    I have a VISION to teach a maximum number students how to drive safely, so
    they are careful with their lives and the lives of others. Let us all make
    American roads safe!

    *Now offering Defensive Driving Classes to +reduce _two points from your license< </u>and for Insurance rate reduction
    • Approved by - New Jersey State and offered through American Safety Council+*


    *+Also offering now online Defensive Driving Course through American Safety