Tax Credits - Pay Less Taxes

Version 2


    Federal, state and local governments have instituted different tax credit and economic incentive programs as a way to help revitalize
    the economy and assist individuals in the transition from public assistance into employment. In addition to the several programs administered by the Federal government, almost every state and local jurisdiction offers tax incentives to business, based on hiring, geographic locations and expenditure activities. These programs can be very lucrative, some over $20,000 per employee and multi-millions per project. But searching them out is another story.
    The process of monitoring each jurisdiction's programs can be difficult, confusing and labor-intensive. It may involve researching incentives, searching historical records, negotiating with different government agencies, obtaining appropriate data, running calculations, screening employees, administering the incentives and staying current on ever changing legislation. And that's over and above all your other demanding job duties!
    I offer the most comprehensive tax incentive program for your company based upon company objectives, employee demographics, and geographic locations.
    Levarge my expertise and get incentives for your business based on hiring, geographic locations, expenditure activities and training activities and/or expenses, including: Federal Tax Credits, State Tax Credits, Sales and Use, Grants etc.