Now what do I do?

Version 2
    A couple of years ago I decided to start a oilfield equipment rental busines with a few small items and was doing pretty good. I had made enough to pay off most of my equipment as well as some other things and then the economy went bad on me and I have not rented anything for over six months now and all I have is going out the window .I had just got back on my feet and my credit was getting better and now my well is runnign dry .I probably can go about 45 days more and loking for a job at the same time. What I want to know is what the goverment can do to help me as a small business man so I want loose everything I have worked hard to get . Can the goverment bail me out with a stimulas check or do they have an agency to help some one like me as a small independent or are they going to let us out to dry . The hard working middle class of AMERICA the BACK BONE of this Country, are they going to get off their back sides and help us out before we loose it all or WHAT ?? I want answers I need anwers and why want the goverment tell the creditors to work with us and nit agianst us .Bottom line if you loose it and dno't have it what are you suppose to do? Talked with an employer the other day and I said I would be willing to do anyhting at this time and his reply was didn't want to talk to me because I was over quailified. You tell me as a small busines man is there hepl out there or not ? Thank you for your time.