I was in the right place at the right time

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    I can't say that I was ever risk averse due to some losses in business ventures. I have done a lot in my short 39 years. I put myself through college as a carpenter and home painting professional. After graduation, I taught junior highschool for 2 years. In the years that followed, I launched a mutli-million dollar product in Autozone and maintained my own visual merchandising and marketing company. When real estate was booming, I employed my carpentry skills to restore and flip homes.

    I tried network marketing and failed as I found people don't really want to maintain autoships or push pills, services, lotions and potions upon their friends. So I abandoned that.

    One thing I learned from my experience, is that residual income is nice and at times staggering. Until this point, the only residual income came from the constant replenishment of my product in Autozone. Once shipped, I had a distributor that handled everything post manufacture. Checks rolled in every quarter. There is nothing better than walking to the mailbox and receiving a surprise payment of any amount.

    Everything faded. The product sales became mediocre, the real estate bubble burst, my stocks fell by 90% and companies cut their marketing budgets.

    Along the way I've made friends with many people that have been living the dream through network marketing. I met people making 100K a month in FDI, 70K a month in Monavie and so on. I remained open to look at opportunities but determined, if you don't get involved in the first 8 months, you're too late. All the wealth comes from being an early team builder.


    One of my successful MLM friends was tapped to market the pre-launch of Dubli. After listening to the opportunity and seeing the vision, I signed up six hours later.

    Dubli is launching, in April, one of the largest shopping portals on the internet. They feature a reverse auction platform that drives the prices down from window shoppers. Major brands, some that you'll never find on sale in stores, are always on sale here. They started in Europe, now the US and Canada and eventually world wide.

    The site is Open to the Public

    There is no network marketing affiliation involved in the use of the site.

    The income potential is great. you can get the gist here:

    If you want to learn more about the opportunity with updated info on the rest of the portal launching in April, log in the above link and I will follow up with you.

    I wish you success in 2009