Green Businesses? What does that even mean?

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    I am not so cynical as to say that environmental consciousness doesn't matter, in fact I think it is very important. But being "green" has taken on it's own meaning in the last two years.

    Actually, my bone of contention is that the label "green" has no meaning at all. There are no government regulations for calling your business "green" like the comprehensive legislation necessary to be able to label a product "organic".

    So now we are bombarded with terms like "green checking", "green lifestyle" and just about anything else.

    The ill-effect of this of this marketing effort ranges from silly to detrimental.


    Silly: I don't mean to single them out but Esurance really just bombards everyone with their "green" campaign. In fact, they've based their whole identity based on it. They're constantly telling us they don't use paper to file your insurance. So, they base their entire corporate branding around being green?


    Does anyone remember using the internet or computers for that matter... for the last decade? I don't think every Microsoft Office user would have the audacity to call themselves green because they aren't using paper. Despite the fact that the claim is comically ridiculous, it's also not accurate. You'd need to take into consideration that you use electricity, servers, computers, an infrastructure and monitors to be able to use Esurance. And even if the lack of paper does offset those things, it's still utterly hilarious
    that someone woke up one morning and said, "Hey, we're an online company. That makes us green." But it's working because they keep rolling out with a new "green"
    commercial every week.


    The detrimental aspect is obvious. We don't know who is "green" and who is actually taking real steps toward sustainabilit.




    Chris O.