Taser Technology Electronics Company Capitalizing for IPO

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    Origin of the Company


    Like most successful companies, Nova began with the conception and development of a single product. The vision was to offer the public a humane and affordable electronic weapon for self protection. The use of deadly force is not an acceptable option for the average person and in most cases it is not needed, thus Nova developed a means of less lethal defense that would not cause permanent harm to an assailant. The "XR-5000 hand held stun gun" was invented by Nova in 1982 (The XR-5000 technology is now considered by some to be the standard in the industry). The product used the technology from John Cover's patent of the TASER (The acronym TASER was coined by Cover from the book "Thomas A. Swift's Electric Rifle". The word TASER is a registered trademark of Taser International, Inc.)


    Business Overview


    Nova Technologies is an electronics Company with a 25 year history. We manufacture, distribute, and train the use of specialized "less lethal electronics" products for Law Enforcement. The company sells its products to Law Enforcement nationwide and trains and certifies Law Enforcement trainers on the equipment. We have a nationwide network of over 1000 trainers and service several thousand Law Enforcement agencies. We have a number of new products being developed that have patents pending, three of which we plan to introduce in 2008. We handle all aspects of our business from product conception, to product development, manufacturing, distribution, training, certification, administration, and customer service, including all repairs. Our products use "taser technology" and are used in a variety of Law Enforcement environments. They are used on the street as a means of less lethal force to control unruly individuals, and in institutional environments for containment, control, and transfer. Others are used for control during transport of inmates for medical or other situations and to ensure the safety of the public and those in the judicial system when certain dangerous defendants are in courtrooms. The products are designed with the objective of saving lives, reducing injuries, and getting the job done humanely, and with minimum cost. Minimizing cost means that we strive for minimum cost of expendables, a minimum of paperwork, and avoidance of medical cost.


    Nova has established vendors and others that are needed to supply components and other materials to produce our products and fulfill orders. We also have a few thousand documented customers and over one thousand Law Enforcement training specialist certified on our products. Our customer base includes Law Enforcement nationwide, correctional institutions, private prisoner management companies, and Federal Agencies.


    Nova's business has been growing rapidly during the past three years. It appears that Law Enforcement management has begun to realize the economics and effectiveness of our products. Although our products are not a substitute for other products in all cases, is has begun to be recognized that in many situations our products can be used at less cost and accomplish the same objectives because the cost per use is very low, the reporting requirements are less, and there is rarely medical treatment required unless someone is injured because of the physical interaction. With access to additional funds Nova is of the opinion that we can increase our market and reach almost every Correctional Institution and every Sheriffs Department in the United States and have a large percentage of them as our loyal customers. Many of these Institutions and Departments are our loyal customers at this time and serve as our primary source of advertising through word of mouth. We also believe that products under development will allow tremendously increased sales, not only to our current markets, but increased sales to Police on the street, Highway Patrol, etc. Nova currently has thousands of customers but with funds for mailings, trade shows, telephone marketing, advertising, etc., coupled with new and expanding products, we are of the opinion that we can increase our business substantially.




    Nova's mission is to provide products and training to reduce injury and death to those in the judicial system and to protect the public through use of electronic force.


    Corporate Culture


    We believe that corporate culture is dictated by upper management and determines the long term success of a company. Our focus is product quality and customer service while at the same time providing an enjoyable work environment. Law Enforcement is our primary customer, thus we are obligated to strive for excellence because our customers are dependent on us to properly train them and to provide reliable products and service. We believe in creating jobs for fellow citizens, thus we make every attempt to buy electronic components and other components from USA manufacturers and assemble our products in the USA.




    Our two top managers have extensive experience working at all levels in Law Enforcement. We have management with technology degrees and research and product development experience. The president of the company is an experienced corporate manager with a PhD in engineering and over 15 years experience in serving Law Enforcement. His management and technology experience was obtained through consulting for Fortune 500 companies, NASA, the Military, and other government agencies. Our most senior Vice President spent over 30 years in all aspects of Law Enforcement. He is in charge of training and sales and has used all of our products in the Law Enforcement environment during his distinguished career. Both of these individuals are recognized expert witnesses in stun technology.