Win Van Lines !!!! Important things to know before your move

Version 3
    I own a moving company that does local and long distance moves in the state of California. Moving is rated as one of the most stressfull events to happen in anyone's life. Customer satisfaction is one of my main priorities. But it is getting very hard nowdays to make every customer happy. But I am still doing my best to make things happen in the right way. In this story I would like to lay out, Why people end up paying more for their move. There are several companies out there would give you an estimate over the phone and when they show up they charge you almost 100% more than the estimate over the phone. The only way that you can avoid that is to call an Onsite estimator to your house or business and provide you with a Binding Quote. At Win Van lines this is our number one priority is to make sure that people get the right estimate so they can Budget their move. The most expensive part in moving is packing. You would need to make sure that packing charges are under your control or included in the Binding estimate. If you would like your move to be less stressfull and need advice on any moving or packing services you can email me at We are a small business with about 40 employee's and will be sure to assist anyone who needs help.