Taking failure and turning it into success.

Version 3
    I am the President/CEO of Failure Turned Into Success Incorporated. When I started my company I was broke, sick, homeless, and coming out of a very bad marriage. GOD has allowed me to do something that is just short of a miracle, and that is to let me take one penny and turn it into over $400,000.00 in revenue in thirty-five months.

    We have six companies under the one umbrella and all are design to give people a chance regardless to what their past may be. They operate independent of one another but they have one goal that is alike and that is putting love into action, not just talking about but actually doing it.

    Instead of worrying about myself first, I chose to give aid to those in need. By offering scholarships to individuals, regardless to what may be going on in their life. The scholarship fund does not have a grade point average or a age average, it is based upon a trying average. We have all made mistakes in life.

    We have since the inception of this company been featured in several magazine articles that ran across the United States and Canada. In the month of march I will be doing my first television interview. We have since paid the truck off and acquired a trailer that is also paid off. April 11, 2008 we made our three anniversary and on the very date we incorporated we recieved our trucking authority what a blessing from GOD. We have taken on a couple of employees since that time, and with the help GOD we are still growing.

    One of the individuals that we have given a job too. Recently had his contract terminated due to the fact that he would not train women to drive trucks. This individual beleifs and marriage was his main reasons for not wanting to train women. They made it hard for him to get another truck driving job. We did not turn him away, but instead gave him a job.

    Failure Turned Into Success is about sharing with the communities not taking away from it. I hope and pray that this will continue to encorage you to move forward with your business regardless to what comes up. I made it because of my faith, determination, and hard work and so can you.

    Also I have a dvd presentation that if you would like to see it send me your email address and I can email it to you.

    Claude A Jones