1000 Referrals Will Be Given Out for

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    Make a Referral Week will be celebrated March 9-13 and Burgin said it's the ideal opportunity for small business to take matters into
    their own hands." - Henry Bury, The Intelligencer

    Not only is this year's online "Make A Referral Week" free but, it could be one of the most important events to keep on your radar. An online small business movement, "Make A Referral Week" aims to tip the economic tide by getting more than 1000 qualified sales leads out to more than 1000 deserving small businesses through collaboration and unity.

    The week is being sponsored by some of the biggest names in Small Business support including our company, http://www.referralkey.com/, as well as Microsoft Small Business, BNI, Inquisix, Duct Tape Marketing and many many more...

    Guest speaker's run the gamut from networking expert Dr. Ivan Misner to legendary author Bob Burg.

    This event could easily cost top dollar but the truly amazing thing is that you can participate right online.

    "Make a Referral Week" represents a push toward online collaboration. Facebook and CNN have been very successful in exploring the possibilities of online collaboration; it's time the small business community as a whole tested the waters.

    If you'd like to learn more about "Make a Referral Week", feel free to stop by my recent blog post. http://www.referralkey.com/small-business-blog/2009/02/24/referral-key-sponsors-%E2%80%9Cmake-a-referral-week%E2%80%9D/

    I'd like to reconvene on the SBOC after the event and get some feedback.