Zurvita Launches Freedom Crusade In America

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    In the wake of thousands of job cuts, bankruptcies, and bail outs, something
    refreshing is discovered. Zurvita is helping American's profit from this current
    economic storm.

    "Everyone seems to be stuck like a deer in the headlights because of all the
    bad economic news lately. The worse thing people can do is to do nothing and
    that's why many will remain stuck in their situation and it's going to get
    worse. Now is the time for you to take action and start taking BACK the American
    Dream. This is an awesome opportunity to help American's during these difficult
    times. This crusade will give people the opportunity to get into business for
    themselves, earn multiple streams of income and provide for their family on
    their terms, not some one else's. Doesn't that sound like a better plan than
    just hiding your head in the sand?" stated Kelly Rorick, Zurvita Founding Gold
    Level leader and founder of the Z-Team 212.

    The Z-Team 212 is teaching American's how to earn multiple streams of income
    in the most lucrative industries in the country today with a proven success
    system, a virtual business center and a team exclusive turnkey internet
    marketing business system. New business owners are also taught how to benefit
    financially with home business tax deductions.

    "These are uncertain economic times. Many people have watched their
    retirement go down the drain with the plummeting stock market. People everywhere
    are getting laid off. Bankruptcies and foreclosures are at an all time high. So
    what's the solution? Taking control of your life by being in business for
    yourself. America was founded by entrepreneurs. This was the land of
    opportunity, the American dream. 80% of Americans had their own business's. Then
    came the industrial revolution and everything changed. The American dream became
    'work for a company for 40 years and hope they will take care of you in your
    retirement years'. Then social security came along and we became a society that
    depended on others for our financial security. I know when we retire, there
    won't be social security to count on. The Zurvita Freedom Crusade will show you
    how to get back your American dream" stated Mrs. Rorick.

    In conclusion, the opportunity with Zurvita has never been greater than it is
    right now and has proven to be the answer to allot of people's prayers in
    today's down economy. Mrs. Rorick added "We have many on our team that are
    earning an extra $300.00 - $500.00 or more to their current income portfolio
    just part time, while many others are earning much more. Every person's needs
    and dreams are different. If we can help a new person visualize an extra $300.00
    to $500.00 a month and then help them get there, then we can help them visualize
    an extra $1,000.00 or more a month, and then help them get there too".

    Dr. Michiel and Kelly Rorick have always been successful business
    entrepreneurs and are creating success in Zurvita too. The couple are top income
    earners in Zurvita and are also the Founders of the Six Figures Working From
    Home Network and Z-Team 212. Aside from their exceptional leadership, one of the
    major benefits of aligning with Z-Team 212 is the team's exclusive virtual
    business center and their Web 2.0 Internet Marketing Business System. This
    exclusive system is offered free to all members of Z-Team 212. This turnkey
    system is loaded with web templates, lead capture pages, videos,
    auto-responders, downloadable software, an internet marketing training course,
    online tutorials, resources and much, much more. Every member of Z-Team 212 can
    build a very successful home based business on the internet by using this
    exclusive system.

    Dr. Michiel and Kelly Rorick can be reached at 713-823-3585 . To receive
    additional information about the Freedom Crusade, please call 713-823-3585 . You
    may also learn more at www.SixFiguresWorkingFromHome.com


    Some of the most attractive and sought after products and services that
    Zurvita provides is in the industries of energy, health care, identity theft
    protection and credit repair.

    Contact Kelly Rorick For additional information on this crusade at
    713-823-3585 (direct line) Additional information on the Zurvita Z-Team 212's
    exclusive internet marketing business system can be found at www.SixFiguresWorkingFromHome.com