How I started my business with SHOE LEATHER

Version 2
    I started my business over 40 years ago in Los Angeles , California. I had a partner, we went door to door from 4:pm every day till 8:pm to get appointments for life insurance sales. When a new project opened we sold mortgage insurance and disability income.
    After building up a client base, we started to solicit businesses for their group health and pension plans.
    I came to Las Vegas thinking that the business climate here would be as favorable as LA. Unfortunately, I find it to be a different climate.
    Here, it pays to be ,"connected". I am seriously thinking of going back to Los Angeles.
    Hopefully, the business climate will improve and peoples attitude will change for the better.We still serve the community by shopping for the lowest
    rates base on their condition. Also, I volunteer and work with the local police department .