When the Perceived

Version 4
    I've been in the meeting and events industry (either sales or operations) in one way or another for the past 10 years or so. I love every aspect of the industry, from developing the idea that makes the event possible and selecting the site to the review of the final bill post-event. After 6 years in Las Vegas in the demanding convention market of the Strip, I returned home to Southern California to take a position at a restaurant reknowned for its spectacular views and historic setting. I was ready to try something new! This was both exciting and challenging as I'd never done strictly "restaurant" sales before to make ends meet. Having just left the hotel market, where restaurants and banquet space are a happy blend, I was a bit nervous but ready for the challenge.

    Time passed, and if my earnings statement is anything to go by, I succeeded in a monetary way; but I was unfulfilled with the direction the company I worked for was taking.

    In November of 2008 I set out to start my own business, and I've never looked back! It's been baby steps for sure, but always moving forward and always thinking positively. For years I had a link on my desktop to a website with tips on how to start your own event planning company, but I never had the motivation to really explore the concept. Once I began this journey, I realized that the decision was the right one and will continue to move forward with a successful spirit.

    Being out of work in these economic times is a daunting prospect, but there is a bright side!

    I am more readily available to manage the needs of my two children; I've accomplished more dentist and doctor's appointments over the last 2 months than I had in the previous 2 years. The orthodontic appointments, which were previously such a challenge to coordinate, have finally borne fruit (both kids were fitted with braces yesterday).

    The business ideas that had been trampling around in my mind are now coming alive, facilitated by the focus and drive of a stress-free environment.

    There are no office politics!

    It's much easier to be involved as a professional with business interests in the community. It's no longer a chore to socialize, network and develop mutually beneficial business relationships.

    I look forward to the positive changes on the horizon and look forward to enjoying a successful year in 2009!