Designed for people's health and for special needs

Version 3
    We came up with the idea of using realty designed for people's health and developing it for special needs. Our project has started on the Central Coast of California. The Lamb Cottage is the frame work of ideas about building and living together. A word we are trying to get out to people everywhere to apply to their own lives. We plan on building a better way to live by creating an environment that has the people who are the tenants in common and owners share building and managing it. A democracy where your vote is worth something, A place that is good for people, they can live in a healthier environment that gives people a way of living in physical harmony with the environment. To do this we do on-going research and share information and news with others. Currently we are in the start up stage trying to find members , by building a network of news and information sites. Any donation goes to publishing the web sites and advertising the with the search and news services to make the news and information available to everyone. Lamb cottage is the idea of forming a group to develop realty for special needs. We are now looking for investors who are interested in developing land with these features. Turning a group of investors into a homeowners association group to make the project possible and affordable.