What Small Business should do in a Recession Time!!

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    What do we do in times like this?
    Been a small business since 1990 we have seen corrections before but nothing like this, and been in Retail wholesale packaging supplies we depend on small business and in 2008 we start seen what everybody saw that the economy is slowing down and we are facing recession and our account receivable started getting ill and we had just expanded to have 2 locations and expenses were piling up and something had to be done about it.

    Been the Head Coach President of the company family business I sat down with my brother Tarek (Partner) and my son Moe and I said we have a challenge and I explained to Them what is going on so they asked me what are we going to do about it?
    I remember saying We are going to challenge it back it is a correction and we are in it not by choice but we have 2 choices:

    1. Choice # 1Is to survive and make it by# challenging# back and be determined to make it and give it everything we have got, knowing this is# Temporary# and if we survive then we will be stronger and we do not then we will know that we have tried and I mean# really# tried without holding anything back no fear we need to lift off just like been at the runway if we# hesitate# that means we crash.
    2. Choice # 2 Is not an option we will not give up without a# fight# .

    My brother and my family (like always believed in my visions and they have always backed me up 100%) they said we are with you but How?

    How? this is the question that had to be answered.
    I said I will tell you how:

    We have identified the problem* already* and from here we will spend 98% of our* effort* on finding the solution, so from now on we breath the word solutions every second and we do not waste time on talking about the problem we allready know what is the problem.

    The Solution as folow:

    What can we offer our customers that is better more cost effective save them money something# unique# new ideas been creative think outside the box and# listening# more to customers and see what else can we do.
    Seek new market using the web and# tapping# into# different# areas.

    We went to work base on these points and yes we worked very hard long hours and I was averaging 14 hours a day showing up at 5.00 am instead of 8.00 am (Starbucks is good idea in the morning).

    This what we came up with New Products we did the Trademarkon them we call Them *HexaPack®
    , HexaCrate®
    , HexaBox®
    , and Hexaliner®* [ Using Paper base product Hexacomb Honeycomb special strength build custom for us we get it in large sheets every thickness can be available with the highest strength and the largest variety in the nation Environmentally friendly 100% recyclable and extremely light material we cut it any way we want and we build the HexaPack® or The HexaCrate® in any size needed} new way of packaging High value items from Artwork to Medical equipments to High Value Electronics like Servers and Medical Laser and always the feedback was 100% positive and we kept offering the product to customers at very small margin and sometimes nothing just to get them to give a chance and try it.

    So we went to one of our suppliers yes supplier not a customer CDS Dolly and Moving Supplies and offered the product so they can sell it to Moving companies instead of Crating plasma TVs and Glass table tops in wood, at 1st they got skeptical but after 2 attempts with 100% guarantee that we will take any product back and there is no minimum just try it just offer it to movers and we told them about all the successful stories and even I had to jump up on the box and show them how strong it is they finally decided to give a try and they placed the 1st Order not even $1,000.00, I was talking with the Vice president and I told him that he is going to get bombarded with orders he said we look forward to get some orders.

    Next day CDS faxed and send information to all their customers about the *HexaPack*®
    and within 48 hours the had orders for about $20,000.00 ( Remember they adopted only 4 sizes) so the vice president called me up and said Talal I need your help I got everybody here in my office asking me where is the product? is that all what you ordered? well of course we went to work almost 24/7 to keep up with their orders and it has been great now they are averaging 30k to 40k per month in the slow time, we are selling the HexaPack® as far as Chicago and Miami Florida from Art Galleries to Museums to manufacturers and even doing custom orders for all kind of electronics now we have over 120 sizes as stock and custom can be done in any size.

    Customers like Roll Bio-tech Medical Equipments they use only Hexapack® and they ship high end value medical equipments all over the world from Europe to South Pacific and with 1000's of shipments they have No Damage what so ever not a single damage and the saving just on the weight alone is huge for them if they cut the weight for international shipment in 50 lb that is about $500.00 saving just here, and the difference in crating there is at least 50% less cost, No wood no Custom problem with different countries and it is saving the Environment and going Green.

    Now we are offering every day new sizes new ideas www.sannahpkg.com or you can search the word Hexapack on google and there is a video on you tube that show how we took Hexapack® Box including the liner the weight was only 9lb and we took a full pallet of steel strapping that weighs 1457LB and set it on the top of the Empty *Hexapack*®
    and it held like wood no problem http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ilQ1UZ3-1o0

    The biggest project we did was for Disneyland they were looking for a way to package the new Artwork for the Lion King Movie 8 foot High x 12 feet Long $135,000.00 value in a container without using wood they want to move it from a Mall to Mall, and they had us shipped to New Jersey to start there and we are in Anaheim, Ca. their comment about the product Hexapack® "this is Genies".

    My Thoughts

    I believe every small business has something unique to offer weather it is a coffee shop or a manufacturer the questions are:
    Do we really want to survive this correction? and if so Are we willing to put the effort?Have we been creative enough to come up with new ideas new products?
    To be Farmers Not Hunters, Maintain what we got and plant more.

    Last But not Least
    English is my 2nd Language and I came to this country in 1985 and started from zero working for $3.35 per hour at Winchell's Donut house in Denver Colorado even my background is Civil Engineer grew up in a wealthy family and I speak 2 languages beside the English and we me and my wife my brother my son and my sister in law did everything ourselves with the dream to come to this country and makes it in the Land of opportunity yes this is The Land of opportunity (if anybody doubts that they need to travel).
    Now I have Family: wife Rima 20 years married 2 kids Moe is 17 years and Jenna 3
    years girl she is the trouble maker (just like Mom) ooopppsss.

    If I can do this just Imagine what all of you can do, I will right more stories, there are many out there I am sure you will like to hear them.

    God Bless America
    Talal Sannah