From Fear To Freedom

Version 2

    I had worked for a company for years, had my share of good times and made a good amount of money, but I still found myself unhappy. I learned a lot over the many years I worked for this company, which I am thankful. However, I did not want to be unhappy and uncertain forever.

    I was quite uncertain of my future. I hated my job, but needed the income. Every day became a struggle just to make it through the day. I watched as customers were treated wrong, employees treated even worse and desperately looked forward to the day when I would be free from this. But I didn't have much options. While I had a wealth of knowledge and great customer service skills, I lacked the capital and time. Working full time and raising three children doesn't leave much time for much. Over time I became even more uncertain. Did I want to work here forever? Would I ever have quality time with my children? Will they be grown before I know it and missed out? These questions bothered me day in and day out. This mixed with the fact I was being badly mistreated pushed me to the limit, and then finally over the line.


    I decided I was going to go for it. I would start my own business, make it a family affair and finally have the freedom I craved. The problem was, I didn't know where to start. So I started with the basics. I secured a loan and got incorporated. I brought trusted family members into the fold and started my slow road to freedom and happiness.

    With an Internet business traffic is key, so I became an expert on driving traffic to a website. I built a user friendly, fully secure website selling the products I know knew so much about. I had ate, drunk and slept this business for the last decade and now I was able to apply my knowledge how I saw fit.

    This is the freedom I had hoped for. The freedom to actually treat customers right. The freedom to spend more time with my family. The freedom to help customers with their needs and know I am doing it the right way. This freedom is a reality now and I do not plan on looking back.