Version 3

    Life takes us in many directions and it's amazing how a simple thing like walking through my local mall changed my life. This particular day, twelve years ago, I happened to stop at "Golden Chain Gang's" kiosk to say hello to a friend who worked there. She mentioned that her company was putting a whole new kiosk in and was selling the existing one for an amazingly low price. It consisted of two twelve foot and two six foot solid oak and glass jewelry cases, plus a small work table. Not wanting to pass up a great deal I wrote a check on the spot.

    I had no earthly idea what I was going to do with the kiosk. Maybe I could sell it off piece by piece and make a profit. So into a storage building it went.

    A family member suggested that since it was mid November and the Arts and Crafts vendors would be in the mall from Thanksgiving week until Christmas I should set my kiosk up there and find something great to sell.

    After much thought, I decided that's what I wanted to do. So I rented a space at the mall and then went to the Winter Merchandise Show at the Merchandise Mart in Charlotte, NC. I found Coachlight Candle Factory, an up and coming new business based in Clemmons, NC. I was so impressed with their candles I bought what I thought was plenty of candles to get me through the entire five weeks.

    The candles sold so well, three days before Christmas I had to travel 180 miles, one way, to the factory to buy more candles to get through the end of the Arts and Crafts show. I sold almost all of them.

    To make a long story short, I was now hooked on candles. I opened a small candle shop and got myself a website. I also went through Coachlight Candle Factory's training program and learned to make their candles myself. I've since closed the candle shop. I'm seventy years old and the strain of running a business for almost ten years was getting to be too much. I now have a home-based business and my website.

    Coachlight Candle Factory closed their doors in October of 2007. I hated it since they were all such wonderful people to work with and I truly miss them all, but it sure has helped my website business.

    Life is good!!