Stay Active & Work From Home

Version 3
    Your probably wondering about my title but I just want to say are you struggling with working out and still working at a job?
    Now you can do both with no problem. I have found my cake and i'm eating it too!

    I had a job that I took care of everyone but myself, I made people feel good about themselves working in the beauty industry but I didn't have time to take care of myself, by the time I got off work, ran the kids to practices, made dinner for the family, helped kids with homework I was exhausted. And heaven for bid I would wake up any earlier than I needed too because again, I was too tired.

    So I decided to get a job that I could do from home, make my own hours and not feel guilty that I wasn't working around everyone's elses schedule but my own. I found the best Home Base Business, don't get me wrong I've tried a few lol...but did not succeed at them because I didn't totally believe and love the product. But the one I finally found is truly amazing, I love their product, Everyone want's their home to smell good right? We'll I sell a product that your home will smell good a safe way. I was so tired of leaving my home wondering "Did I blow out my candle?" with a panic and praying when I got home my house was still standing, we all hear the horror stories about people's wonderful homes burning down because of a Candle.

    So I have found the best candle out there, Our Warmers are one of a kind, oh don't get me wrong you'll find other's similar to ours but I promise the quality of our warmers and wax are top of the line. I have decorated with them throughout my home and also I have customers that have them in their Salon, Medical Offices, Schools, Pre-schools..etc

    So back to having my cake and eating it too...I can wake up do some work on the computer for my business, go work out, clean my home, pick up the kids, make them dinner, do a few parties a month, hand out my testers to friends they can take them to work get sales earn free products and I make money doing hardly anything. Yes I love it!!! Do you want your cake and eat it too? I will help you every step of the way...I want to see you succeed just as I am we offer free training, online training, conference calls, all that you need to start your own business. And the best part you don't needs hundreds of dollars to start up, it's only $99.00 you will get everything you need to start your business.

    Ok so you can go to my website click on Start A Business and you'll be on your way to receiving a paycheck in February. Join my team and I'll send you a free gift. you can also e-mail me at with any question's you may have. Can't wait to hear from you :o)

    Natalie Sallade
    Independant Scentsy Consultant