Will Video Email Help Small Business?

Version 3
    It's still too early to tell. Everyone agrees that email became the "killer app" (killer application) when the Internet was invented -- it was the one thing that everyone eventually needed and used. Since then, everyone has been looking for the next killer app.

    The question now is whether video email will become as pervasive as regular email. Will folks actually want to see who's on the other side of that email?

    The technology is actually easy. You only need a $25 webcam and a microphone to get started and there is no software to buy. You can click here and see an example of what a video email looks like (turn your computer's volume up): http://www.24conference.com/videoemail

    So, is video email too personal? Is it better to leave some things to the imagination? Or, will it become a new killer app that helps small businesses increase revenues and profits as a new sales and marketing tool? Will it become a new way for folks to keep in touch with business colleagues scattered throughout the country or world?

    Time will tell. Maybe you have your own ideas. In the meantime, technology marches on and we get to pick and choose what works for our own particular businesses. "What will they think of next?"

    Happy New Year!