Your Brand - Is it really YOU?

Version 3

    Perhaps you've heard a lot about "Branding" for small businesses, but is the brand you've created really you. I recently asked myself this question and what I found sparked a renewed interest in growing my business through personal branding.

    Our company brand was created when the business was formed, - or so I thought. It involved the development of a logo, website, brochures, postcards, and print media. The company had a brand, but it was not my personal brand. I liked the website and print collateral but it wasn't genuinely me, good informational site, but it did not resonate with my inner calling as an educator. So I decided to make a change. I decided to develop my personal brand.

    My personal brand represents my passions, natural talents, and desires. It reflects the common characteristics that I share with my target market. It addresses the urgent needs as well as the compelling desires of my clients. Above all, it is a tool to help me build trust in my local market in San Jose, California, among the women with whom I network.

    Yea network - Word of Mouth Marketing is my primary method of promotion. This includes Internet referrals as well. So my personal brand really needed to address me as well as my clients. Isn't that what the law of attraction is about?

    I started by painting a rich picture of my ideal client - the ones that I would enjoy working with the most.
    Women, Executives, Entrepreneurs, Professionals; educated, knowledgeable; busy life style, has hobbies; people oriented, charitable; delegates operations, works at an analytical and conceptual level; responsible for more than one car; enjoys sisterhood-that is being around other women socially; takes vacations, travels; empty nest, grand kids or waited until mid 30s+ for children.
    The rich picture of my self included most of the characteristics above in addition I live teaching and learning and sharing my knowledge and expertise. Helping others to achieve is part of my calling as a teacher. I like to design creative systems, and socialize with women and couples. I'm spiritual, like fitness, and like to be in control. Strongly believe that knowledge is empowering.

    The next step was to determine why clients would select me over my competition. For my business, I know my advantage over other auto service enterprises, for example - fast oil franchises are know for inexperience workers, dealerships are know for high prices, and people have trust issues when dealing directly with Mr. Mechanic. To select me, they had to have trust that I would get the job done. To help them develop trust, I could offer my passion, "education" If I can provide my target market with the power of the "know," it would go a long way towards building trust. This resonated with my inner calling as an educator. Thus, my personal brand, Women Auto Know was born.

    Women Auto Know gave me an opportunity to express my Instructional Technology skills through my writing and presentations using a topic that I have passion for, Auto Maintenance and a topic that I believe is totally beneficial to my target market. The other topic which I have a lot of passion about is Small Business Marketing - so I took the big step to develop a blog on the topic