Version 3
    HELLO my name is DEVON HOWELL and this is my story,i like telling my story.One day in 3/2006 i was watching t.v on fox 5 news and thay had a thing on cellphone,a good place to use them and the bad place also.At that time i came up with the idea of useing a public telephone so you would not be in the way of others.Were I work there is payphone on every wall in the building and know one use them,people would sit on the floor to use the plug before thay would make a telephone call.I see this myself.That night i came up with my invention THE NEXT STEP 1 for pay telephone we you could recharge your wireless device at a phonebooth.I went to invent help paid them some money and thay did a patent search and a great report on how cellphone wipe out the paybusiness.Then invent help wanted more money to do more,That i do not have so i did this.I made copy of the info that i had and send it to company for indorsement battery company first and then some payphone company.Well if you may have guest some company did stell my idea but there is some things that i leftout like prototype,copyright,and some company said to form your company and get the pantent and then we could do business...So that is were i am now...this is my story..Thank you ceo.D.H