A 2008 Christmas Poem

Version 3

    As I wake to the sounds of the FM dial my mind starts to focus on life's great trials.


    "Time to get up kids & brush your teeth and please for once don't fall back to sleep."


    "Hurry now get out of the shower the bus has gone and it's tardy hour."


    In a rush as we fly in our car but the road is slick and traffic is at war.


    Now it's up to the office where bosses await with sullen faces at my tardy state.


    In these times and on this day it's more work, less pay, and a vanishing 401K.


    As I bring my work day to a close the calendar tells me what it knows.


    Black Friday and Cyber Monday have already past and online shipping is not that fast.


    Now it's off to shop and play "bumper carts" at the twenty four hour big box mart.


    Clean the house and keep the kids in line, the threat of Saint Nick will be gone in short time.


    Like a tornado on this shopping spree, I lust after MP3s, DVDs, and HD-TVs.


    Back at home my vision wont lie the whole family is coming and the hose is a pigsty.


    Now it's mission impossible to wrap in a bow while sneaking presents past those who can't know.


    The day is over and as I drift to sleep I think of bounced checks instead of counting sheep.


    Now as I wake on this eve of the big day, the sounds of Christmas music began to play.


    I hear the house groan from the bitter cold night, but my heart is warmed by glowing lights.


    Feeling relaxed now my head is clear, I start to remember why I love this time of year.


    The TV takes us to another time where Ralphie has only one thing on his mind.


    Fun games, good company and holiday cheer, fill my heart and mind as night draws near.


    Warm up the car and empty your glass, dress the kids in their best for Midnight Mass.


    On this night nothing feels quite as right as singing Silent Light by candle light.


    Happy Holidays!
    Donovan Wadholm