Don't Try To Sell Scentsy

Version 3
    When I decided to join a direct sales company, I had no idea what I was doing. I decided to join just because I loved the products and because I saw it more like a hobby than a job. I was never good at selling so I said to myself "If I sell, good; if I don't its okay"! Then I discovered that rather than focusing on selling the products, sharing information about the product was a lot easier for I created my blog.

    I use my blog to give information on why I joined, the benefits of these amazing products and my favorite products! I have found that people love to read reviews and recomendations, before even purchasing anything. I have received many new customers just by sharing information on the company I represent. I always love to get emails of people just asking about my favorite scents, warmers and on our amazing plugins!

    I don't have to "hunt" down customers...share your information one the web with a blog and you will soon see that you will have many people interested in what you have to say.