Yahoo Store Changed My Life

Version 3
    Hi folks. My name is Joe Palko, and I started my first eCommerce business in 1994, back when the Internet was new and just getting started in the consumer world. Scott Sanfilippo and I started selling ferret supplies online because we both had an interest in ferrets, and we thought it would be fun. Little did we know our small business would grow so fast that we would one day become a large company.

    We grew the business year after year, and in 1999, we found - Yahoo Store. Yahoo Store virtually changed our lives. The product was so easy to use and was light years ahead of what we were using for a shopping cart. Our current shopping cart was hand built.

    The Ferret Store, our company - went on to become one of the largest distributors of small animal supplies, and we sold our company to Doctors Foster and Smith in 2007, but not before we created - Solid Cactus. We started Solid Cactus in 2001 with the intention of teaching others how to sell products online, just like we started doing in 1994. Today, Solid Cactus is one of the Internet's largest eCommerce website builders. Having created over 3500 Yahoo Stores as of December 2008. So many of our Yahoo Store's are successful. Our merchants now do a combined 1.5 billion dollars in online sales.