Your 2008-Year End Financial Statement’s, Statistical Review

Version 3
    Make sure that the following items below are contained in your statistical reports, including variances and percentage changes within those numbers, on the four major income statement components: top line (gross revenue); labor; controllable and non-controllable expenses, and bottom line (N.O.I. with Cash Flow), (all numbers are accumulated and may be partial quarters or years, but each are equal to one another in their respective time frames):

    • Month to Date (MTD)
    • Quarter to Date (QTD)
    • Year to Date (YTD)
    • Current Month (MTD) Year over last Year Month (Example: Oct. 08 to Oct. 07)
    • Current Quarter (QTD) Year over last Year Quarter (Example: Q4 of 08 to Q4 of 07)
    • Year (YTD) over last Year (Example: YTD-2008 to YTD-2007)
    • Month over Month (Example: Oct. 08 to Sep. 08)
    • Quarter over Quarter (Example: Q4 of 08 to Q3 of 08)
    • MTD, QTD, and YTD to budget and stretch goals with remaining/declining balances to reach each of those goals
    • Projected QTD and YTD numbers against budget and stretch goals
    • Trailing three month average
    • Trailing twelve month average
    • Trailing eighteen month average
    • Trailing three to five year average
    • Annualized MTD and QTD numbers

    Don't forget, visually, graphs, charts, and color-coding all add to the accelerated ability to understand, pinpoint, and emphasize negative and positive trending within your statistical numbers. Another great tool is to set parameters around each line item, so an exception report can be generated and quickly identified when numbers exceed those boundaries.