Small Business Success Started with a Cartoon...

Version 3

    When I looked at my monthly reports, I just about croaked. I am not a finance major-not even close. And with all of this bad news circulating, I really thought I would have to suck it up and start searching jobs at Starbucks. (Nothing wrong with Starbucks, it's just that I had hoped to be done dropping off coffees at 6 a.m.)

    But then, I got this fantastic email from an old friend of mine. She let me in on a little secret: YOU are not alone! I guess that's the common thread among business owners. We are simply better at ideas than the facts and figures. But who wants to admit defeat?


    Anyway, this email led me to this great site: I almost fell off my chair with laughter (OK, I'm usually kind of clumsy, but this does NOT happen often). I AM DM, the hero of the cartoon! I'd rather shrivel up next to the toilet than deal with profits and loss...Until, I checked out the rest of the site. And I realized that finance doesn't have to hurt!


    Since then, I've signed up for the online training with Millionaire Manger and so far, so good. It's like a lightbulb went off. Accounting is made out to be this big, scary thing that you need help with--but its' not true! All you need to know are the fundamentals, and then figuring all of this stuff out is a breeze. Even better, since I signed up, I've been offered LIVE support through the company's CFO. I mean, really, who does that? This is almost too good to be true.

    Now I can actually--get this--look forward to managing my profits. And I think I just might improve them.

    To all started with a cartoon. Some things from childhood should never be lost :)