3 Ways to Harness the Power of the Law of Attraction

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    The Law of Attraction has grown in popularity
    over the past years as a result of "The Secret" movie
    (www.thesecret.tv). And it's about time. People need to know that they
    have the power to create their lives and make it however they want.

    The Law of Attraction says that we create our reality based on how we're vibrating.

    Everything in our lives, including ourselves, is energy and vibrates at
    a certain frequency. Focusing on a thing or situation draws that thing
    or situation to us because we essentially become a vibrational match.
    It doesn't matter whether we consider it good or bad, the Universe will
    still deliver.

    We have to become more aware of how we're vibrating in order to create
    what we want or... prevent ourselves from creating what we don't want.

    How in the heck do we know how we're vibrating? Great question.

    Our emotions let us know how we're vibrating. If we're feeling "good",
    then we're attracting more good. If we're feeling not so good, like
    worried, fearful, anxious, sad, etc. we're keeping the good away.

    Here are 3 ways you can practice vibrating at a 'good' level and harness the power of the Law of Attraction to attract what you want.

    1) State your intention. Your intention is a declaration of how
    you want to feel and what you'd like to experience. By putting your
    attention on what you want to feel, you're making the energy work for
    you. The energy from your intention prepaves the way for you.

    I like to state intentions on how I want my day to be and how I want to
    feel. For example, I may intend to feel joyful and in the flow. I may
    intend to complete my projects easily. You can use it before a job
    interview, before a important meeting, maybe before you drive somewhere
    and intend that you have a safe trip.

    This exercise is simple but effective. I find that when I state a daily
    intention to be focused and to complete my tasks easily, I do. When I
    forget or think that I am too busy to do it, I regret it because my
    attention is more scattered and I waste lots of energy.

    2) Focus on what's working. The second way to attract what you
    want more easily is to focus on what's working. Be grateful for the
    things you have and be grateful for the things you want.

    Our habit is to focus on what we don't like. For example, people who
    want more money are usually focused on how much debt they have, all the
    bills they have to pay, all the money they don't have. And that is
    exactly what they get. That's the level at which they're vibrating. But
    in order to attract more wealth, they need to shift their energy to a
    higher level by first being grateful for what they do have.

    What could you be more grateful for? Having a home? Having food to eat?
    Your health? Having friends? By continually being grateful, and really
    feel that in your heart, you raise your vibration and attract more of
    that of which you're grateful.

    3) Create a vision for yourself. The third way to harness
    the power of the Law of Attraction is to create a vision of how you'd
    like your life to be. And emphasize how you want to feel. You can break
    it down to areas of your life to make it easier.

    For example, let's say you want a new job. What does your ideal
    career/job look like? What kind of boss would you be working with? What
    would you be doing? Where would you be working? How much are you making?

    Make your vision as clear and as detailed as you can. And remember to
    add the feelings. How will you feel when you have your ideal job? How
    will you feel while you're doing the work. You get it, right?

    How you're feeling or how you think you are going to feel is most
    important. The feeling is what puts you in vibrational alignment with
    what you're wanting. So after you create your vision and get in touch
    with your feelings, you'll want to spend a couple of minutes each day
    imagining/visualizing your vision and feeling the emotions in your body.

    By being consistent with these 3 exercises, you will develop powerful
    'manifesting muscles'. Your life will literally change before your eyes
    and you'll feel good too

    Norman Flecha
    (754) 244-7376

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