6 PDF Power Tools for Firefox That are all FREE !

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    With the economy taking a nose dive, people are looking for a way to save cash where ever they can find it. One good way would be to save on ink and paper for your printer by instead printing to PDF. That is only the start of it though. Here are six PDF power tools for the Firefox browser:

    PDF Download
    • The most powerful of the bunch, PDF Download allows you to do just
    about anything imaginable. View PDFs in Firefox as HTML, automatically
    control how the browser handles the PDF format, and also convert any
    web page to a PDF you can save for later.

    • Due to Apple people already having the "print to PDF" feature, this
    extension (which allows you to do just that) is for Windows and Linux
    users. Print any page to a PDF file, and save on some paper!

    PDFescape Extension
    • Want to edit your PDF files from within the browser? PDFescape brings
    that functionality to Firefox. PDFescape enables you to open and edit
    PDF files & forms online.

    LOOP to PDF for Firefox
    • Upload, convert and combine your files to PDF from a tidy toolbar,
    without the conversion getting in the way of your Web browsing. LOOP
    for Firefox allows you to convert and combine files to PDF with the
    click of a button.

    • This oddly named add-on gives you the ability to convert the current
    page to an image or PDF formats. You can also apply some image filters,
    such as rotate or reflection, to give your conversion a little style.

    *Send to Google Doc*s
    • What does Google Docs have to do with PDF files? This extension for
    Firefox allows you to view web documents in Google Docs. It supports
    PDF files too. (as well as Microsoft Office and Open Office files)

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    Know of anymore PDF friendly alternatives for Firefox? How do you handle PDFs online these days?
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