9 Dirty Words Every Hosting Customer Should Know

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    We have talked in the past about taboo topics inside of the web hosting industry before, but right now I am going to share with you something even better than those inside secrets. Here are the top Nine dirty web hosting words (+and phrases+) that every hosting customer should know or be able to define.
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    1. Server Resources

    This is often the limitation you don't hear about until you have

    reached it. Many people might call it the, "Haha, got you now!" clause,
    but if you stop and think about it, it does make sense. You can only do
    so many things on your computer before you begin to have performance
    problems, and the same could be said for a hosting server. If one
    script, service or person is taking up all the RAM and CPU up for
    themselves, they have to be taken out of the picture to help everyone
    else who may be hosted on that server.

    2. Database Connections - Depending on who the web host
    is, and how they have their servers setup, you may only have available
    to you so many connections to a database. For example, Joe hears that
    his database connection limit is 25 simultaneous connections. What Joe
    doesn't stop to think about is what the word simultaneous actually
    means. For him to go over his limit, he would need 25 connections in
    roughly the same few seconds to get in trouble. Since most scripts only
    connect for a second, this is not something most of us need to worry

    3. E-mail Sending Limits - Yes, you are limited on the
    number of e-mails you can send out. This is a pretty new limitation
    that web hosts have been putting on their customers, mostly to curb
    spamming in any form. If you are doing any sending of newsletters or
    something that goes out to a great amount of people via e-mail, you
    might want to look at scripts that will spread the wealth sending
    around. That way instead of sending your newsletter to 10,000 people at
    once, you will be able to send it to maybe 2,000 people per hour
    through the day. Both DadaMail and phpList will allow you to do this.

    4. Unlimited - There is no such thing as unlimited in web
    hosting. It is a marketing word though that is bound to bring people
    in. People like to get something for nothing and the chance to be able
    to grow their web site and brand to unlimited boundaries is a dream we
    can all be excited by. Now, why does this word not really bug me that
    much anymore? Well, even if you are sold by the word unlimited, chances
    are you aren't even going to use enough of your unlimited disk space or
    bandwidth to hurt the server. In most cases, it doesn't do any harm.

    5. Uptime and Downtime - The one thing you see asked
    about by people who like to think they know a thing or two about web
    hosting is, "How is the uptime?" or "How much downtime have you had?".
    These are kind-of important questions, but I wouldn't put too much
    weight into their answers. Like I have said before, you are not going
    to find a web host who is perfect and has not even the smallest single
    flaw. You will need to find an example of the problems they have had,
    and see how they have dealt with them. That is how you can really tell
    how great a web host is.

    6. Overselling - In the world of web hosting, overselling
    is the term used to describe be hosts who put more customers on a
    server than the server can really support. Most big name web hosts
    won't have a problem with this, but some of the smaller to mid-range
    web hosts do. The problem is that they can't afford to bring more
    servers online, or they are packing you in like sardines into a can to
    save on costs. It is something to try to be aware of, but chances are
    you won't know about it till it is too late.

    7. The Comparison Box - I hate the comparison box of
    features you see web hosts use. We have all seen them. You have the
    features listed down the side, the different plans listed across the
    top and the thing that bugs me is every plan has every feature. Why do
    a comparison chart, if every stinking plan has the same features? The
    comparison chart should be use to compare the differences. Most of the
    time, the only difference might be the disk space, bandwidth and price.
    Give me a shorter comparison box, and just give me those three items if
    that is the case. One more smaller item that bugs me about these boxes
    too is when they list stupid features that even your 98 year old
    grandmother knows are there. For example, I am looking at a web host
    who does this, the comparison chart is as cheesy as ever and what is
    one of the features each plan has? "support". As if in some bizarro
    world, there would be a web hosting plan that doesn't come with

    8.) 24/7 365 Support - Is there any Web host out there
    that offers real 24/7 support. Sure, there are a lot out there that do.
    Customers get this topic confused more so than the Web hosts do. Yes, I
    am saying it is your fault. Just because you have support 24/7 doesn't
    mean you get instant fixes for your problems.

    Some problems take longer to fix and address than others do. Changing
    your domain name will take a shorter amount of time than moving your
    account to a new server. Just sit back and let the professionals do
    their job.

    9.) 99.9 Percent Uptime - There is no doubt that "uptime"
    is important to all of us. Nobody likes having the Web site that can
    not be reached. Thinking like a Web hosting marketer - saying 100%
    uptime sounds like too much of a lie. Let's make it 99.9% - that's a
    more reasonable number. Customers buy into it hook, line and sinker

    I am telling you that you will never be able to tell the difference
    between a 99.9% uptime host and a 99.5% uptime host. Just stop trying.
    Nine times out of ten this is just a marketing term thrown onto the
    hosting account to build up your confidence in the Web host's abilities.

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    Know of another dirty web hosting word that didn't make it onto the
    list? Drop me an e-mail or leave a comment and we'll see if we can find
    at least seven more amongst us all.
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    So Why Are These Topics Taboo?
    +It all comes down to marketing and sales. If Web host number one is
    saying he's got 99.9 percent uptime and Web host number two says he has
    99.5 percent uptimes - most people would say go with Web host number
    one. If these numbers were real would you ever notice the difference?+

    Probably not.

    +The Web hosting industry has got so caught up in trying to look
    better than the next guy though it is hard to figure out who is really
    better than who. There is no overseeing power to check these numbers so
    you either have to be able to read the fine print pretty well or get
    caught up in the marketing jargon and sales talk.+
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    Norman Flecha
    (754) 244- 7376

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