Take the Good Copy/Bad Copy Test

Version 3
    Ok, whenever I mention writing copy and content to my associates
    (mostly sales and marketing guys), they make faces at me like they just
    drank a gallon of expired milk. To them, writing good copy is an
    elusive Holy Grail, one they would easily turn over to someone else
    (usually me, although there are times when I spend hours staring at
    blank screens wondering if I could even write a word, let alone an

    But, what if you are new to the game and the kind of person who would
    rather hammer their head than be forced to write engaging content?
    Well, before you head for your tool box, take a moment to take this
    test and see if you can pick out good copy from bad copy. (*Hint:* It's not as hard as you think, if you just ask yourself this question: Which example is more interesting to me?)

    Ready? Here we go.

    Example 1
    A. Are you ready to change your life? My powerful personal coaching program will help you succeed. Act now!
    B. Clients know that life changes are essential. My coaching
    program was developed with you in mind. Try me out and you will not go
    away unsatisfied.

    Example 2
    *A.*Debt can take a life of its own and control you, it can spiral
    out of control and spit you out. The DebtSavers company is known for
    helping people out of debt.
    B. Conquer your debt today. Contact the DebtSavers. We are here to help.

    Example 3
    A. This money-making venture is the deal of a lifetime, a
    one-time opportunity that is so ground-floor, that it starts below the
    ground. You will be getting into this venture so early that others will
    be knocking on your door.
    B. Join us now. Our program is dynamic. Our program is unique. And you can capitalize on it before our global launch.

    Example 4
    A. Do you want to lose weight?
    B. Does your weight cause you problems you want to solve?

    Example 5
    A. We tailor it all for you. You are our most important customer.
    B. We customize. Because YOU are YOU.

    Now for the answers:

    Example 1: A
    Why this is good copy: It has an engaging, active question. The
    style is crisp and active. Example B uses words like "clients" (too
    vague) and the second sentence is too passive. Better choice would be
    to say "I designed this program..."

    Example 2: B
    Why this is good copy: It's simple and brief. It gets to the
    point. Not that you always want to do that, but you will never go wrong
    with simple, active sentences. Example A just goes on, even though it
    has some active phrases.

    Example 3: B
    Why this is good copy: It tries to at least you some different
    descriptions from the standard cliches that everyone in MLM has heard
    over and over and over...

    Example 4: A
    Why this is good copy: Always ask the simple question. Example B is too wordy and not necessary.

    Example 5: B
    Why this is good copy: It tries to be a bit creative, and takes a chance. Sometimes you just need to experiment. Example A is boring.

    So, how did you do?

    Do you even agree with me?


    Norman Flecha
    (754) 244- 7376