Only YOU Have the Ability to Stop YOU

Version 3
    There is no way of knowing what you will run into on a day to day basis. Do you know how successful you will be 5 months from now? Are we for sure that our "troubled" economy will EVER turn back around? What will we do?

    If only we knew...

    I have read the book by Napoleon Hill, "Think and Grow Rich" three times and am 1/5 of the way through my 4th time. All I can say is this book is geniously magnifying and has not only drastically changed my financial situation, but also the way I look at life. Sounds corny, but that is the impact of this book has. I pass this book on to all my team members not only because it is a good book, but I know for a fact that this book can change their life, especially with our program.

    The reason I bring this book up is this...ANYBODY HAS THE ABILITY TO MAKE IT HAPPEN FOR THEMSELVES. All you have to do is have the right mindset and be lead in the right direction mentally. Alot of the reason people fail is because they do not know how to think. About a month ago, I had a new member ask me how I decided on the this program and how I have become so successful with it. Here is what I told her:

    "I'm sure you've seen many home based businesses/programs, all of which have to do with sponsoring, selling, convincing, and even recruiting. I have never joined one of those programs because I hate and would NEVER do any single one of those aspects. Bugging people gets you no where and wastes time on both sides. Nevertheless, the people you try to get to join those programs will hate those aspects. It's a negative, uselesss trend. However, if people to come to you, it is totally different perspective. This means they are interested and WANT to learn more. It is much easier when someone calls you asking, rather then you calling them to convince. See what I'm saying? Let your business grow for you."

    Regardless, this book has made it happen for me and for my members. If you think what you want is unattainable, rethink and rethink BIGTIME. You CAN have what you think is attainable, and this book will give you the right mindset to be as successful as you always dreamed of. It has happened for me, and can happen for you.