1O Easy Step To Attract The Perfect Prospects

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    By putting yourself in a situation where the right kind of MLM people are attracted to what you are doing it's impossible to run out of high quality targeted and exclusive MLM leads, and when you put it into the right system you can even get paid to do it.


    It's not magic, it's systematic. Internet Network Marketing is the future, it's the Smart way, and you can do the same.


    So what is this "Magic" "Secret" formula?


    Well, it's not that much of a secret all internet marketers use it. It combines affiliate marketing and network marketing together. It goes something like this:


    1. You drive traffic to a Lead Capture Page either from free traffic sites, article marketing, or Pay Per Click campaigns like Google AdWords.


    2. Your capture page should have a perfect sales copy that explains why, the "would be subscriber", should take your advice.


    3. This should be backed up with your own website, blog,MySpace, face book, or such.


    4. You offer the prospect a free report, ebook, video training that will Teach them Something they want to know. What ever you choose it should be something really good and proven to work.


    5. In return for this information they will give you their email address. If done correctly you will build a list of people that are inclined to buying information about network marketing on the internet. With this list you will be able to create several steams of income not just a way to get leads for your primary business, but a way to create money and free leads!


    6. Follow up with email / Autoresponder . Along with the free report, a follow up system should provide a generic training sent out for the following couple of weeks. This will give the "new subscriber" which is really a "lead" a reason to see you as an expert in your company.


    7. You should approach the leads with at least 7-10 training emails, before you try to sell them on your business. But, along the way you can also provide more information they want. This information or product will be sold. This is normally known as a funded proposal. This product can be something you came up with or someone else's product. When you sell this product it will give you money to do more advertising so you can get more people to join your list.


    8. Your Autoresponder should have a system of passing through spam filters.


    9. All this will only work if you have something of value to offer other than your business. So your skill level, the effort you give, your passion, and how active you are with your business will all come into play. You need to be open to new ideas and must increase your skill level by always reading material that you can share with your prospects.


    10. Your company must provide Good Support in order to encourage your new leads to become a distributor. When a new distributor comes into the business you must follow up either by email or by phone. And another Autoresponder system is required for the distributor to get enough training to market the products effectively. But, personal support is key, therefore you need to create a relationship between you and your new distributors.


    Now, all this sounds simple enough... and it is if you have a system that takes care of most of it. However, I have to admit, even though I like missing around with websites I am far from an expert in creating websites and lead capture pages.


    If you are like me, you probably have no desire to set up a whole system.


    How about if there was already a proven system that took care of 95% of all of this? That provided you with an income so you had money to advertise more. That send your leads automated fresh emails every day addressed like they came from you personally, and trained them on how they could do the same.

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    Mentoring for freejohnnyjoy@gmail.comp.s. Do you want to put yourself in a situation where it was impossible to run out of high quality targeted and exclusive leads while getting paid to do it?


    It's not magic, it's systematic and you can do the same.